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06:58am 29/06/2005
  i've decided to close up shop here at the journal of mymet2. too many memories, too many words that carry too much weight.

just too much "stuff".
13teacups| share a cup of tea with me
08:53pm 23/12/2004
  i'm finding my journal has become far more personal than i ever intended it to have been. i was fine with snippets of me showing, but now i feel as though i am walking down the busy street naked as a jaybird, with everyone pointing fingers at me.

i'm lost in my own skin again and again. i don't know how to change it all and make it better. eat. cry. shop. love. write.

i need to make changes. i need to feel freer from all this confinement. i need to feel as though it's okay to write what i write. to feel what i feel. to be who i am.

please don't take this personally. i just need to feel safer with my words, and the people who read them.